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TE series POC systems


simple | smart | focused


The TE7 Touch Enabled Ultrasound System is designed to provide superior imaging quality for rapid, confident decisions. Intuitive gesture controls and focused point-of-care exams minimize the learning curve, with no need to navigate a knob cluttered keyboard. Touch enabled response, targeted exam presets, and one-touch image optimization improve diagnostic confidence and efficiency. 


M9, M7, M6 hand carry systems


Premium Imaging

With the next generation of technologies, the Mindray M9 offers users a fully featured platform with premium image quality. Advanced signal processing and newly designed adaptive algorithms raise the M9 to a new level of overall performance. 

Combined with single crystal transducers with 3T™ technology, this compact portable ultrasound system delivers deeper penetration and higher resolution, ensuring diagnostic confidence – even in technically difficult patients. 


Black & White systems


quality | speed | flexibility

The DP-50 is engineered to help you get the information you need with an innovative high performance compact B/W system.

The DP-50’s X-treme engine and high speed processing power provides outstanding image quality and a complete information management solution. The insightful design reaches a wide range of clinical applications including abdomen, urology, OB/GYN, small parts, emergency, orthopedics, endocavity, and interventional medicine.

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Scanners by application


Most of our systems systems are suitable for multiple applications, however, it's true to say that some are more suited to specific disciplines than others. Here we try to give you a flavour of what our systems do best, if your application is not mentioned please dont hesitate to contact us for our advice.

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Point of Care, MSK, Sports Medicine

1st May 2016 - Post 1 of 3.

For Point of Care ultrasound, MSK and anesthesia applications Mindray have the ideal system for you.

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1st May 2016 - Post 2 of 3.

The new Resona 7 introduce by Mindray this year is a premium system designed with advance radiology examinations in mind.

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1st May 2016 - Post 3 of 3.

Quality exams with exceptional imaging, innovative technology and workflow efficiency, is what sets the DC-70 apart. The DC-70 incorporates an optimum balance of advanced technologies to provide quality imaging and productivity.




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